I believe that the knowledge I have gained from the IDD program is critical for my advancement in this field. The IDD program has definitely equipped me with the tools that I need to take me to the next level in my career, my business and in the organizations that I will work for in the future.

Lifelong learning goal

Eventually, I would like to enroll in a Ph.D program closely related to the Instructional Design and Development field.  I would like to continue to learn as much as I can from senior Instructional Designers regarding best practices.  In addition, I feel that it would beneficial for me to gain exposure and additional knowledge as a professional in the field by attending more conferences and incorporating the knowledge that I receive into the work that I do. Other goals include…

  • Learn more about best practices
  • Attend more seminars and gain more exposure in this field
  • Enroll in a Ph.D. program

Career goals

To secure a position as a an instructional designer.  In addition, I would like to…

  • Take the knowledge that I received from this program and use that knowledge in a corporate training organization/department or provide consulting services to an organization
  • Use the knowledge and credentials I receive to start my own company that offers Instructional Design, Training and Development and consulting services
  • Use all the new technological skills and best practice to help design innovative distance learning for all types of learners (no one group excluded)
  • Begin to network more with people the Instructional Design and Development field